Shore Treatment Plant


Situated in South Industrial Zone of Varna with area of 14 622 sq.m..

SWTP is specialized in purification of oily waters. Total volume of the tanks is 4200 cub.m.

The technology and the type of tanks define the possibility to receive and dispose oily waters from vessels, dockyards, manufactures and etc.. This shows the ecological aspect of the activity of „ MAE”

In 2006 the SWTP was well modernized. New purification equipment were built, and the metods of puriciation of oily and sewage waters were well advanced.

The SWTP consists of receiving collecting shaft, 6 buffer tanks, 2 KSV tanks , 2 separating tanks, water heated boiler, large pump station room, aluminum sulphur solution tank, treatment facilities, draining fields and auxiliary facilities. Oily waters are provided to proceed in to two different flows- concentrated separated waters and non-separated waters. Total capacity is 720 cub.m. daily or 8,3 l/sec. this defines the importance of the buffer tanks receive oily waters and mixtures. There are chemical laboratory in the SWTP, used only for the needs of SWTP. There are also 24-hour monitoring as well as entrance/exit control by security.

The SWTP receives for treatment:

-         Oily waters and mixtures, bilge waters and cleaning waters from ships

-         Different types of oily liquid wastes, clasified according to ecological law for dockyards, manufactures and other companies

-         Oily spills

-         Fecal and cleaning waters from ships and shore objects.

Receiving oily wastes is through a pipeline, by our specialized vessels or by auto trucks-tanks in a receiving tanks.

SWTP has own vehicles- 3 specialized autotrucks-tanks for transporting oily wastes, truck for transporting solid wastes, with all the certificates needed.

SWTP is basic area for collecting and storage of different types of wastes, included in “ MAE” certificate, given by Bulgarian government. There are divided cells and depots and facilities, according to the types of the wastes, responding to all ecological requirements, for storage, as well as giving for treatment.

SWTP is a part of „ National company for gathering and utilization of waste oils “ LTD. There are separate area with specialized tanks for storage of waste oils from ships, companies and auto services.

“MAE” is certified for building facility for waste burning on the area of SWTP in addition to the main activity of the company. SWTP is of significant importance for the ecological activity of “ MAE” JSC. Professionalism, control, modernization fully fits for effective and the quality performance of the company.