Special Purpose Port



Receiving oily waters from the vessels, that stand on Special Purpose Port „ MAE " is being carried out by " MAE. The port is registered according to the Ministry of Transport and international requirements. Gathering and transportation of oily waters- result of shipping activity, is being insured by cranes, loading/discharing systems, pipeline to SWTP and warehouses providing good working of the port - pipeline, 150 mm diameter; facilities – armoured concrete groove wall, pilots – armoured concrete; power supply, heating and ventilation, and water and sewerage  (sea water, air, steam), shafts; tie devices, a wooden grate with  fenders; hydrant plugs; electric control boards; FPC; spotlighting – 30 Luxes; rescue equipment – a cutter on duty; anti-pollution booms, oil recovery vessels in case of an emergency life-saving situation; fire-protection equipment – a water fire-protection system with powder and foam fire-extinguishers and fire hydrants.

For reception of oily water mixtures at pier of the General Cargo Terminal, hoses with international flanges shall be used, along with valves, Dy 150 mm and pumps (of various capacity) in an auxiliary pump station to feed oily water mixtures through a pipeline main, Dy 150 mm up to a reservoir park situated in the Shore Water Treatment Plant, at appr. 500 m from the port pier.

      According to Regulation 7 at Annex V (MARPOL 73/78):" (1) The Government of each Party to the Convention undertakes to ensure the provision of facilities at ports and terminals for the reception of garbage, without causing undue delay to ships, and according to the needs of the ships using them.", location and operation of Special Purpose Port, determines its great significance.