Burgas Affiliate


It is situated in the area of port of Bourgas, “ East” terminal. It has mainly ecological acitivity:

  • Gathering of sludge, bilge, ballast waters from tankers, as well as receiving oily waters from the vessels of Burgas aquatory.
  • Gathering oily wastes- bilge, waste oils and sludge, according to Annex 4 of “ MARPOL 73/78” , in the Burgas-East aquatory , Burgas-West, Terminal 2A, „ Rosenets” , Burgas roadsted, port of Nessebar.
  • Providing boom oil shells for loading-discharging operations with oil products, according to the “ Compulsory Rules „ of the international convention for preventing oil spills, under Port Administration jurisdiction- Burgas in the aquatory of “ Rosenets” ( quay 1,2,3) and Navibulgar-Burgas (20A km.)
  • Providing boom oil shells of vessels under docks, bunkering, lumbering, as well as securing area for marine vessels.
  • Cleaning oil spills and oil products spills in Burgas aquatory, during breakdown spills from vessels and coast factories.

The affiliate has the following facilities and equipment:

  1. Open sea oil skimmer “ Rusalka”- volume 128 cub.m.
  2. Oil skimmer “ HC-23” volume 16 cub.m.
  3. Oil skimmer “ HC-25” volume 16 cub.m.
  4. Floating tank “ Antipollution”  volume 266 cub.m.
  5. Boom oil motorboat
  6. Boom oil shells- 1800 m. length

The affiliate offers 24/7 dispatcher direction for recieving requisitions for the main activities.