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During cargo handling operations involving tankers, a closed cycle for treatment of dangerous refuse, which occurred from oil and oil produce spillage, is applied.

Technical procurement of measures for minimizing the risk of oil and oil produce pollution and eliminating the consequences of spill occurrence is carried out in a closed cycle including the following:
  • Laying booms all around the tanker;
  • Collecting oily waters by a duty oil skimmer;
  • Receiving, storing, transporting and delivering (from a duty tanker - oil skimmer) for oily waters to Shore Treatment Plant (STP);
  • Making the oily waters harmless.

For the above service and for the oil skimmer, the tanker duty watchkeeping and boom laying vessel (excluding the expenses for collecting the oily waters from the sea surface in case of spill occurrence) the following taxes are due:

- up to 3000 GT 

- up to 5000 GT 

- up to 10000 GT

- up to 20000 GT

- over 20000 GT 


In cases, where spillage occurs in applying the closed cycle for treatment, a charge is due for the work of the oil skimmer for collecting oily waters: 
In oil and oil produce spills, in the cases when according to the “Mandatory rules” of the port, laying booms all around the 
vessel is not required, the services for eliminating the spillage are charged in triple and a 24 hour notice is not required. In the above case only a written request and availability of a contract under article 4, par. 2 (2) of the Law on Restricting Harmful Influence of Refuses on the Environment (LRHIRE), is sufficient and the taxes shall be paid by:

а) the ship which caused the oil and oil produce pollution;

б) in case of anonymous spills (unknown doer)
  • by the persons who are in actual possession of the refuse until ascertaining the doer.
( article 9 of LRHIRE )









600 EUR

850 EUR

1300 EUR

1650 EUR

2300 EUR


150 EUR on each hour commenced 









For using booms for surrounding ships under construction, repairs and performing bunker operations.

For using a boom fencing at surrounding spills in order to prevent of pollution . 


10 EUR cents per linear metre per each hour commenced, and an initial charge of 100 EUR 

0.15 Euro a linear metre per commenced hour and initial charge of 100 Euro 


For reception of bilge waters, ballast waters, washings and oily waters from ships by using floating reception and transportation facilities (maximum rate of 50 cubic metres per hour) or by tank truck. 

150 EUR per first hour and 120 EUR per each hour commenced and 10 EUR per ton 


Receiving bilge water, washings (oily water) , ballast water by the Waster treatment plant at maximum rate of 50 cubic metres per hour. 

10 EUR per ton and wharf due 


Collecting of solid wastes from water surface 

150 EUR per hour 


For receiving sewage water by Waster treatment plant. 

10 EUR per cubic metre 


For performing chemical analysis by the laboratories. 

20 EUR per analysis 


For reception of sewage from ships by using floating reception and transportation facility of maximum rate of 50 cubic metres per hour. 

150 EUR per first hour and 120 per each hour commenced and 10 EUR per ton 


Launch services 

50 EUR per hour 


Wharf due – quay No 6 160 m Varna port. 

10 EUR cents per hour per metre 


For ship water supply from the shore the price of the consumed amount of water shall be paid according to the price list of “Water and Canal” per cubic metre and additional 4.00 EUR per cubic metre for the service. 



For ship electricity supply the price for the consumed amount shall be paid according to the price list of the National Electricity Company for kW hour and additional 0.40 EUR per kW hour for the service. 



Mooring operations of a ship over 100 GT is performed by mooring and unmooring crew of “PCHMV” JSCo. Each mooring operation is charged as per Table 1. Look at the supplement. 



For using a shore crane. 

30 EUR per hour commenced 


For using an open air storehouse. 

3 EUR per square metre per month. 


Receiving oily waters by pump vehicle (sewage lorry type) - valid for shore objects only

30 BGN / sq.metre 


Solid waste collection. 

8 EUR per bag 
Clearing, washing and treatment at waste water from booms
10 BGN/ l.meter


Bilge separator (PPM) filter. 

10 EUR 


For service of ships at Port оf Burgas and Roads of Port of Burgas by m/t „Tulenovo 2” /barging/ 

1500 EUR 
** 1 bag = 0,0625 cub.m. and 1 cub.m. = 16 bags
Table 1 
Gross Tonnage (GT)
Mooring and Unmooring Charge (EUR)
till 1000

over 10000
for each 1000




А/ This tariff regulates the relations between “PCHMV” JSCo and service clients on the basis of a concluded contract and a written request. Under article 4, par. 2/2/ of LRHIRE rendering service for receiving and delivering oily water without availability of a contract is not allowed; 

B / For servicing ships at the anchorage of the port of Varna (summer and winter), ancorage of the port Burgas, BMF Port Burgas - West Terminal, Burgas Fish Port,  Burgas SRY Port, Bourgas Shipbuilding industries, BMF Port Burgas - Terminal 2, a charge for  1 / one / hour passage time is added for each employed water craft - 150 €;

C/ For idle stay the charge is 30 EUR per hour for each employed technical facility and/or water craft; 

D / Executing a service is not allowed when the service payment is not confirmed in written by the assigner. The prices are VAT excluded. Payment under this tariff is due within one week period starting from the date of issue of the invoice; 

E / For all services not mentioned in the above tariff, and in the cases where a closed cycle for treatment of dangerous refuse has not been applied, on technical procurement of tanker cargo handling operations, the price of the service is negotiated with the client. In this case, if the service requested is reception of oily water from ships or skimming the sea surface polluted as a result of tanker cargo handling operations, a presence of a contract, pursuant to article 4, par. 2/2/ of LRHIE, between “PCHMV” JSCo and the service client shall be available; 

F / Operating during national holidays with resolution of Ministry of Council the above-mentioned charges are increased 100%. Working operation in “ over time ” condition

G / For service rendering a 24 hour notice-request is necessary. Written request shall be submitted to the controller of “PCHMV” JSCo. 

Varna – fax: +359 52 602 661 Bourgas – fax: +359 56 844 270 
                               tel.: +359 52 630 631                 tel.: +359 56 844 269


I / The marked topics with /*/ asterisk is related to services offered by “PCHMV” – branch office Bourgas. 

J / The present tariff is in force from 01.01.2008.